Freelancer | Website development


I’m Nguyen Binh Vi

I was born in 1989 and started working in 2009.

I am a responsible person, and also have ability in self study and research. In 10 working years I have absorbed very quickly, learned a lot about technology, mastering PHP, WordPress, Woocomerce, Html slicing, Javascript. I always keep myself update for new web techniques such as mobile web development techniques, tablet with HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, Website Responsive.

Currently I  work as a freelancer, do not hesitate to contact me.

“Nothing impossible.”


Web Development
  • While web design is an art, web development is all about technologies. We have the required expertise to develop custom websites, portals and even complex and highly optimized enterprise applications. Our web development language of choice is PHP/Wordpress and we use MySQL relational databases.
  • We build websites with security in mind and before our projects are completed we thoroughly test each web page, form, custom flash animation, feature and functionality.
Web Design
  • We design beautiful, modern and unique websites that speak clearly to your audience.By keeping one eye on your business goals and one on your user’s experience we create clean, standards compliant websites that are pretty but with a purpose.
  • Even if we use the latest technologies, specialize in information architecture, love to keep the web semantic and our websites usable and accessible, what really comes in first is communicating and converting your business goals.
Html Slicing
  • Convert from Photoshop to html/css or xhtml/css is one of services that we specifically focus, if you or your company has too many projects and don’t have enough time to do html or you already have design and want to build a website xhtml/html from it, please contact us and following these steps:
  • Firstly, pack your Photoshop design and your requirements associated with the completion date and send to us. We will feedback the price for you, after your confirmation on our email; we will start your project.
  • Incase your project is too urgent, please contact directly to us at the phone number we provide below.
We commit to meet your requirements, building the JavaScript effect based on jQuery, only 2px of completion compared to the original design, implement the W3C standard, run well on IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera. In addition, we can meet your requirements to run your website on mobile, tablets…


Gia Lai – Viet Nam.
Phone: +84902568677
Email: [email protected]